How To Repair A Wall With Water Damage

here's a comprehensive guide on "How to Repair a Wall with Water Damage" localized for Los Angeles County, California. Remember, we're talking about minor water damage here. If the damage is severe, it's best to call in a professional water damage restoration company to take a look.

Fix the Leak First

Whether it's a tiny drip or a big gush, you need to fix it. If you don't, you'll be back to square one with water-damaged drywall.

In LA, we're no strangers to busted pipes or leaky roofs. If you find the leak is from a pipe, turn off your water and cut out the damaged section. Replace it with a new piece of pipe.

Be careful with those "Easy DIY-type fittings" you find at your local hardware store. They might not be the best choice for areas behind drywall. Once you've replaced the pipe and turned the water back on, check for leaks before moving on.

Replace Damaged Drywall

Drywall is like a sponge. It soaks up water and can quickly lose its strength. If your drywall is sagging or blistering, it's time to replace it. Use a level tool to find any wonky sections and replace them with a new piece.

Before you put in the new drywall, make sure the insulation and studs behind it are totally dry. Even if you've stopped the leak, the new drywall can get damaged if it's up against any moisture. If needed, let the inner wall dry out for a few days before installing the new drywall.

Mold Remediation

Mold loves moist drywall. If your drywall is still in good shape but has mold, you need to get rid of it. Scrub the drywall with a diluted bleach solution. This should kill the mold without damaging the drywall.

In one to two days, the bleach should get rid of all the mold. It might even remove minor water stains on the wall. If there are still some stains, the next step is to sand and paint the wall.

If the mold has spread into other areas, it's better to call for mold removal service ASAP because they will continue to spread in matter of few hours fast.

Cover Water Stains

To cover water stains in drywall, start by scraping off any loose or peeling paint. Then, sand the wall starting with medium-grit sandpaper and moving to smaller grit until the surface is smooth. Once the drywall is free of imperfections, you can prime and paint it.

Who To Call

Repairing minor water damage is a doable DIY project. But, if the damage is severe, it's time to call in the professional. In LA, there are plenty of mold remediation and wall repair services around the metro areas.

Please call 213-519-5226, and we will help dispatch the closest service near you even for a free estimate.

When you call a service, you can expect them to first assess the damage. They'll then give you an free estimate for the repair work. Once you agree to the work, they'll schedule a time to come and fix the damage.

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