How To Repair Laminate Flooring Water Damage

Let's talk about how to repair laminate flooring with water damage. If you haven't done mold remediation work, please do so before any floor repair work to prevent the spread of mold due to water damage.

Please call 213-519-5226 for plumbing, mold remediation and water damage restoration services.

Cost Of Laminate Flooring Repair After Water Damage

In Los Angeles County, the cost of repairing water-damaged laminate flooring can vary widely. It depends on the extent of the damage and the size of the area that needs repair.

On average, you might spend between $200 to $500 for minor repairs. But for more extensive damage, the cost can go up to $1,000 or more.

Steps to Repair Laminate Flooring with Water Damage

Before you start, remember to call a mold remediation service if you suspect any mold growth. It's important to remove the mold first before starting any floor repair work

Check and Stop Leaks

First, you need to find the source of the water damage. Check all appliances like water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines near the damaged area. Make sure any leaks are fixed. If you can't find the leak, it's time to call a pro.

Prepare Tools

You'll need some tools to repair the water damage. These include safety glasses, a putty knife, flooring adhesive, a measuring tape, a utility knife, pliers, a hammer, cleaning solvent, and replacement underlayment material.

You'll also need to replace the damaged planks. You can find these at your local hardware store.

Remove the Damaged Planks

Next, you'll need to remove the damaged planks. Start by carefully pulling up the damaged planks with a putty knife. Make sure to remove the entire board, even if only a small part is damaged.

Once you've removed the plank, check the bare floor for signs of mold and clean it with a disinfectant before installing the new planks.

Replace the Damaged Planks

Check the replacement planks to make sure they fit perfectly on the bare floors. Apply the adhesive and install the new flooring in the correct location. Put a heavy object on the new laminate flooring until the adhesive dries.

This ensures the plank dries properly. Let the planks acclimate to the temperature of the room for at least 24 hours before installation.

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